“We are our faces. That’s all there is, light on faces.” Garry Winogrand

I’ve been watching a lot of old photography interviews and documentaries on Youtube the last few weeks. Garry Winogrand is one photographer that keeps my attention, keeps me wanting to pour over his photographs again and again. These sentences really stuck with me over the course of a few days. The thought strips everything down, kind of like how I feel using the Nikon One Touch. Stripped down. It’s a pick up the camera and shoot kind of camera. You can’t be that focused on the outcome because you won’t see it for a long time. I can use it so fast and in the moment that I never know what the result will be. I also take a few weeks or months to send my film in, so when I get the scans back I don’t remember taking much about taking the photo. The emotion or energy that was there when taking it is gone and it’s just like – oh, there we are. That is us. That is “it” – that is the moment. There is something about the space between taking it and seeing it that creates a new energy and emotion. (If the photo “works”.) Garry also said in one interview, “Great photography is always on the verge of failure.” And yes, yes to that. I always love the ones that almost don’t work the best. The ones that are offbeat/unexpected, or the ones I was afraid to take but did. They are the ones that I want to keep looking at.

I have been shooting all personal work on film for over a year. Of my family, and life as it unfolds. But it hasn’t had a focus. This year I am going to push myself closer to that verge of failure. Closer to the fear, closer to the offbeat and unexpected. And share my results here on a monthly basis.

This is a very large post for me but a very small portion of what I took Sep-Dec of 2013.

I hope to continue this project for a very long time.



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  1. Tara, you are always so inspiring.. :)
    I look back at film fondly..
    My 5D has been sat here on my desk while my iphone is working over time…
    I just wanted a change..
    And I have to comment on the pictures with you in them. You have a new look to yourself. I think the word I want to use is peaceful. You look at peace.
    I am thankful for that for you, if that is what it is.. :)
    The last time I wrote to you was probably 9 years ago when I happened upon you at the beach in the parking garage for a session..but I just had to comment now..
    Thank you for these wonderful images. :)

  2. I will also say, I love my phone camera for the very same reason. Snap, snap, snap and slip it back into my pocket. I don’t have to miss being in the moment to capture it.

  3. So many shots of yours have touched something in my heart over the years, but this is just so gorgeous and real and I don’t know…I feel like I am sitting with you looking at a photo album you are sharing and that is powerful. Thank you.

  4. tara- so glad that you are back. i really enjoy your work. someone was talking to me about making memories yesterday and it seems to me that you merge memory, moment art, and living life in your work. I also enjoy your words and your music. I think about you whenever I play Fossil Collective, introduced by you. keep on keepin’ your eye and heart open. thanks for sharing it all.

  5. Hey Tara,

    When you shoot film are you just using a point and shoot or are you doing manual? And when you get it processed where are you sending it…and do they give you a digital scan of the images? (or did you scan all your photos for this post!? LOL)

    And, in name of honesty, if they do give digital copies, do you ever edit them?

    Thanks…LOVE these images!!!!!! You look happy, healthy and vibrant!

  6. P.S. I was just happening to be playing the new Beck album while reading this post and the song “Blue Moon” was playing. Take a listen to it while scrolling this post…makes for a great soundtrack!! : )

  7. Hi Amy, I am using a point and shoot Nikon One Touch. I send my film to Pro Photo Connection in Irvine, ca. I ask for digital scans. I don’t edit them at all.

    I love the new beck album and will do that!

  8. So many of these made me catch my breath. I love the one of you with your boys at what appears to be a wedding. What beauty you have! The wild flowers pushing up through the cement cracks. The shot of the children climbing on the tree trunks has such yummy lighting! The shot of your eldest on Main Street at DL is my favorite though. Her expression and body language have volumes to say…a beautiful, priceless shot. You are such a talent and the light of your soul shines through in each one of these. xo

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