One year ago I started a weekly portrait project with 13 other photographers called You Are My Wild. This is my collection of images, one from each week of 2013.

This project was like a much loved annoying little brother for me.

One whom I will cherish FOREVER – because I was forced out of laziness and into thinking more creatively about my children.
I have these weekly images of life passing by that thrill me and scare me and make me want more. More time like this, more paying attention, more light, more messy hair, more time together, more looking into their eyes.

The participating mothers and fathers that I became close to in the process were a total bonus.

I want more.

Totally not sure yet what idea in my head is going to form into a project, but I know I am ready for a new one for 2014.


Also, hi there strangers.


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  1. So lovely Tara! This has been one of my favorite photography projects to follow ever! Love how your life last year is weaved together here for all to see and be inspired by!

  2. LOVE. Every week when you all posted to You are My Wild was a happy day for me. I loved looking at the collected images every week – I found myself calm, contented and grateful looking at them. More please.

  3. these photos are gorgeous. what strikes me most is not just how wonderfully you captured your family, but how beautifully wonderful your brood is! Captures the heart of family.


    (&I really need to save up so I can have you come take our photos (I am very camera shy) and we are not that far from you.) xo

  4. Well HELLO stranger!!! So good to hear from you – kids are getting so big! Might I suggest that your project include pictures of YOURSELF missy – we want to see you too pretty lady!

  5. You have the most gorgeous raw honesty in your family photos, I’ve loved following the you are my wild project this year and its inspired me to do my own. i’m also in love with your instagram feed, please don’t stop sharing whatever project strikes you next! beautiful family and memories to cherish :)

  6. Tara,
    You were such an inspiration to me this last year! I looked forward to your weekly photo and tried to keep up with you! Thanks for sharing your family with us! You have such an amazing eye and encouraged me to take lots of shots that I never would have thought of! Thanks!

  7. What a lovely fresh start to see and read and hear from you on your blog! Plus: this project??? WOW. So happy for you that you managed to keep that annoying yet loving sweet little brother by your side ;) haha. Anna looks so much like you in many of these pictures, crazy how the genes just show up like that! Looking forward to your next projects. Since you ROCK!

  8. Tara, thank you for sharing your family’s images with us throughout 2013 via You Are My Wild. I so enjoyed seeing the weekly photos. It’s inspiring me to do more with the images I capture of my daughter in 2014. Creativity gets a little stifled in zero degree weather sometimes, but I see through the images that it’s all about thinking outside the box. Hoping 2014 is a wonderful year for you.

  9. Beautiful people. In some pictures though, I can’t tell who’s who?! You all look so much alike. Your youngest daughter and you especially. I love all these pictures, thanks for sharing.

  10. LOVED your photos from the year but mostly I’m just so glad to see you posting here again. I always come back to see if you have. Today made me happy cuz you did. Hope you & your family have a GREAT 2014.

  11. I came here from Elise’s blog. Your stunning collection makes me want to run to my camera immediately! Teens aren’t always the most obliging subjects… I’m sure even they will appreciate these gorgeous photos in years to come.

  12. So many, many gems, Tara. I’m right there with you on the love/hate relationship with being forced into something weekly. Getting on board with something like this might be what will kick my mojo back into gear! (Or maybe I should just start having cute kids?) :)

  13. I’ve enjoyed seeing You Are My Wild Photos. It’s encouraged me to get my big camera out and shoot more (I’ve been in the habit of using my iPhone only for a while)… just started a 52 week project of my kids “together” this year.
    Glad to see a new post again!

  14. I love every one of these. But my absolute favorite is the one of you running behind your son on the beach. So much joy and laughter. Your heart is singing! This inspires me to grab my camera — or iphone — more often than I do to truly capture who my children are! Thanks for sharing!

  15. I agree that it is an amazing project and this year I’m taking a photo of my kids once a week even though I take photos every day but taking individual ones to reflect their personality is awesome. I love your photos and the group one of the kids at the table is great. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

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