shane + rachel

This is my brother and his fiance, who also happen to be two of the people my family spends the most time with. Also pictured are their three kitties Puma, Cat Stevens, and Nelson.

In the span of just a few months, these two got engaged (woohoo!), got new jobs (congrats!), and are in the process of moving from Long Beach to the Bay Area (womp womp…). There will be a hole in our lives we will have to fill with lots of trips up north. And margaritas.

It was a joy to photograph the meaningful bits of their lives.

These are two people that I love very, very much.

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  1. After I have wiped away the tears I mustered up the strength to comment.

    You know how much I love these pictures but what I really want to share with your readers is just how beautiful I felt in every single picture. There is not one picture I didn’t want Tara to post, which is huge because I am so critical of myself.

    Tara, you are truly gifted. Thank you for capturing our lives.

    We are so beyond lucky to have you in our lives as a sister and as my closest friend. These pictures are the best engagement gift that will fill the walls of our new apartment and we will smile and think of you. Love you, babe.

  2. Oh man, these are incredible! I feel the love radiating. Stunning! Stunning! So many great ones I can’t choose which to point out as my favorite! <3

  3. WOW!!! They are so beautiful Tara, You captured them perfectly Kitties and all. Cant wait to claim a pic….. We miss them already :(

  4. Love the ones of them on the pier. :) And what fun you will have visiting them up in the Bay Area. I’m a born-and-raised Bay Area girl. Though I always love your southern California photographs, and wish I could visit more often, there’s something about the SF bay area (and peninsula) that is special. How fun that you will be able to explore it with your brother.

  5. Got the tingles looking at these!! So much spirit in them. And Rach – you are absolutely beautiful!! Particularly LOVE the one of the feet intertwined with the cats! And the biking with the two sunflares :) xo

  6. I lived in Southern California for 12 years, I now live in Texas. These photos make my heart ache for CA again. You captured them so well but there is no doubt where they are in these photos as well. Their lives are so evident here. Lovely work as always, Tara.

  7. TARA!!! These are WONDERFUL!!!! Wow! I especially love all the last shots on the pier — so beautiful. Thanks to you, I’ve been introduced to Rachel and her music blog and I absolutely LOVE her taste (and, as a result, feel like I kind of know her? Ahhh..the Internet…) I loved her comment here. It sounds as if you are gaining a WONDERFUL sister into your family fold :)

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