Nikon One Touch \ expired Kodak bw c41

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s Wild day, my favorite day of the week after Saturday. You can see the rest of the work and which image I chose out of this set over here on You Are My Wild. If you are like, huh? Read this.

Back story – I was testing out an old camera and old film at our favorite beach. My 93 year old Uncle Leonard gave me his Nikon One Touch on Thanksgiving and I had a handful of Kodak color and BW c41 from, like, 2001. I sent in nine rolls to be scanned and I have to say, I am completely psyched. A lot of it was a little under and a little grainy, so I am still fumbling a bit, but I feel like I was just electrocuted and I can’t stop obsessing about cameras, films, scans. (I spoke about why I moved back to film in this post, to give you even more back story.)


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  1. Amazingly beautiful. Children look so lovely in black and white. Also, the love the beach towel dressing room. A friend of mine did that as a following directions presentation in speech class! Changed her clothes completely in front of the class…

  2. it is nice that we can recognize the same style in your photos irrespective to equipment, Tara. Kids are great and relaxed. No doubt, true love on this photos. Nice to see that you are all happy. Greetings from Serbia and thank you for sharing your work – great inspiration.

  3. Love the pictures, there’s nothing I like better than hanging on the beach with my kids. They are so themselves there… Our only issue is that it is on a beach in Maine so we’re cold when we go up there in the winter ; )

    I can’t believe how big your kids are getting, your boys look like young men now…

    Enjoy every minute.

  4. Oh I forgot this part, my son calls the beach towel dressing room a kadoozie. Use that as a verb “I gotta kadoozie it” Haha too much. I have no idea why but has since he was really little.

  5. really love these – also your post about film!

    i have been enjoying just taking an old film camera along on our adventures that I dont have to worry about tossing in the sand etc.. and then the pictures that turn out feel like pure gift!

  6. funny how the ones that are a little under or a little grainy (or in my case a little blurry usually) don’t seem like mistakes on film, they just seem pretty and perfect – when they might have been a throw away with my digital. I am happy to see you so happy :)

  7. Sometimes I see your youngest daughter and think how very much she is like my own: same glasses, hair (mine finally chopped her’s), and sprinkled freckles on her face. And that same quirky, uniqueness that endears her to others. Sometimes I wonder if they were to meet each other on the beach one day, they’d pick up like they always knew each other. Like long lost twins.

  8. BW C41. Reading that was like stepping into a time machine of Two Peas, that Walmart by your house in Valencia where you used to get stuff processed and Jimmy Eat World :) . These are spectacular! I die a little each time I see pictures of how big and gorgeous your kids are. And you look amazing and happy. Yay for film!

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