Mckenna swings, 5:35pm.

I wonder when I WON’T be excited to see the submissions every week. I LOVE THIS. And the challenge is working, I have already taken more film or DSLR photos of my kids this month than I did in the whole of 2012.

Also, this is the week I drop off my film! Don’t let me flake out.

To view the entire grouping of photos :



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  1. I see more intrigue in children like Mckenna. No expression except for the eyes piercing a hidden coded message to my soul – it touches me. It speaks more than laughter.
    My daughter is often expressionless because of her autism. Asking her to smile makes her smile but its not a happiness smile. So I make do with her lost little face and accept this as her happiness. On the very rare occasion that she does smile naturally, I never have my camera to hand or if I do, she never holds it naturally long enough to capture it.
    Its taken me a long time to accept that. Its so precious to me now.

  2. LOVING how you played with the dark in that first shot. I really feel like that’s the next step for me. Can’t wait to see the film results! I seriously need to renew my Costco membership so I can get my couple rolls developed too.

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