on the water

This family is comfortable on a boat, having an experienced sailor for a Dad. While in California on vacation, they opted to rent one for their session.**

I felt so lucky this entire night. Like, pinch myself, is this real kind of lucky. It was such an experience I won’t forget. I mean, come ON.

GO rent a boat, if you have the option to. It’s as if you become the wind. (Which is also why I love riding my bike.) There is some kind of surrender being surrounded by water like that…it’s incredible.


**The children were on deck without life jackets for fifteen minutes while the boat was not in motion, for the purpose of photographs. Under the careful supervision and with the understanding of parents, captain, and captain’s assistant. This is only a portion of the session.

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  1. Tara, I love your pictures. It’s like a little pick-me-up every time I look at your work. Which is funny because I should be burning with jealousy :)

    I did some pictures a few years ago that included an impromptu shoot with a little (tiny) sail boat. I could DEFINITELY do more boat pictures.

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