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We’re wise beyond our years,
But we’re good at bad ideas, my love.
Or so it seems to be.

Shine a little light,
Don’t wrestle with the night,
Don’t think about the future now.
I know it’s gotta stop love but I don’t know how.

This band is new to me. Thoughtful and melancholy and so of course I love it.

Melancholy is probably my favorite genre, really.

You were a low moon, steady with wintry calm.
Somewhere inside the fire of your youth went dark.

But you swear blind there is no weight in the water pail.
You say “My love, you take the cards that you’re dealt.
Cause there’s no guiding light arching a line to Bethlehem.
If it’s dark outside you light the fire yourself.”

Cause we’ve been through worse than this before we could talk.
The trick of it is, don’t be afraid any more.

These lyrics stand out to me, hit me right in the heart, HARD. This song is hauntingly beautiful.
An anthem for those of us who were adults from before we could talk.

I also like what NPR had to say in the video comments for this clip:

“Dry the River typically writes music with big, cathartic climaxes in mind: Songs on the band’s first full-length album, Shallow Bed, tend to start with miniaturized melodies that eventually burst into thunderous rock anthems. But on this particular morning, Dry the River arrived in a more intimate formation, swapping electric guitars for acoustics and its full drum set for a single snare. While this performance of the gorgeous “Bible Belt” eases back on the loudness of the original, the band by no means lacks power. The result is a hushed, stirring performance that highlights the band’s many strengths — an all-too-brief oasis of calm, sandwiched by the din of guitar feedback.”

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