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    My son came home from college (you know the one I forwarded the Imagine Dragons song to??) He sits next to me on the couch, grabs my Ipad and says hey if you liked that song, you should check this one out. What does he pull up?? LP-Into the Wild! Seriously, twilight zone stuff going on here ; )

    I hope you had a great Mothers Day.

  2. Im jealous you have found your peace. I’m still searching for that. And I have my dream home, but I don’t love my town. It’s the same thing as you in a way… I love the location, the nature, the schools, the beauty, raising children here, the change of seasons but I don’t love the people. And it makes it really hard to let myself settle in. I’m still keeping it all at arms length. We are struggling with it. I hope one day we find the resolution you did.

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