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I just found out that named this blog in their Top 20 Baby Photo Blogs, and that I am one of their “favorite mom photographers around the web.”

This is what they had to say:

“You can feel Tara’s passion for photography right from the get-go: this Orange County, CA, photographer’s About page states her philosophy as “perfectly imperfect,” and that’s just how we like it. This blog features large, colorful photographs of daily family adventures and beautiful home décor. Her family photography goes beyond the traditional white shirts and jeans, though the beach-y aesthetic is one of our favorite things about this blog. She’s not one to aim for “flawless” pictures, but authenticity, lollipop-stained mouths and all. Tara also has a request for clients: “When we meet, show up with your heart. I can’t wait to meet it.” Us, too.

It’s pretty fun to be on a top 20 list. I was honored and excited to be on it. Babble, thank you so much!






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  1. What you do with babies is different than most of what I see; instead of showing the beauty of the baby, you show what it feels like to be a mama. So completely different and wonderful. Your picture of me holding Ellery up in the yummy yellow sun while she giggles (second session) catches me every time I pass it on the wall. It is not just my baby in that picture; it is my motherhood. I treasure that picture more than any other because I can remember all my babies and what it felt like to hold them, just by looking at it. So grateful for that. *Ack–tearing up now*

  2. For me, it’s easy to like what you do because the photos you take (especially of families, and especially your own) are just so HONEST. They’re like the snapshots of real emotions and relationships that everyone wishes they captured of their family. And I love, LOVE that you take pictures of everyday moments. Portrait photography should represent real life, and I think your photography does that perhaps better than any other photography blog I follow. Yay, Tara!

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