christa & michel

Michel and Christa are friends of mine. Michel works for Treats! magazine. (Treats! link contains nudity) Christa is a self employed baker at Mini Baker. They live in Los Angeles. They are getting married soon.

They told me, “Do whatever you want with us.”

This is what happened.



PS – LOVE YOU GUYS! Can’t wait for the wedding. (That I won’t be shooting.)

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  1. HOLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Man alive these are so dang rad! That first one and the first one in the kitchen made me stop dead in my tracks. And that California sign?! so cool. you rocked it out (as usual) Tara.

  2. So quirky and so you, Tara! I’m thinkin you need to do more of this kind of photog. Reach for the stars! love your work. love you. Oh yeah! And I love the scrabble play with words…sh## and your name. Very funny!

  3. These are amazing, you knock it out of the park every time. Totally makes me want to meowslam (?!) someone, that’s how awesome they are. ;) Congrats to the soon to be newlyweds!

  4. Hi:) I love your work and you are such an inspiration. I am in love with this set :) They make a beautiful couple…makes me want to do this with my husband!! Such fun :) Did you use one specific lens for this? In N.Y. we are still waiting for some warm weather…ugh. California looks amazing! I miss the sun!
    Tara.. I have 4 children…1 with a learning disorder. She is 15 and I am going to get her tested again after all these years…I am seeing signs of slight autism…you really inspire me to fulfill my dream and overcome the hard battles we all face in one way or another.

  5. gorgeous! i love your shoots that take place in people’s homes and beds. where is that “california” sign?!?!? if you don’t want to give up the spot that’s fine as today i started a folder in my savings account labeled “tara session” and you’ll just take me there when you shoot scott & i :)

  6. Tara – amazing!! no “lining up against walls” needed here. You showed this couple, their home, their love in a soft, sophiscated way. Great job! I am totally in love with the feeling I get then looking at the bedroom photos (almost kissing ones!). Such unique, personal background for all of these!!


  7. Tara! Wow!
    What a blessing these images of Mike & Christa are; Sharon and I are so stoked! Your work is beautiful, and my favorite part is that you work in Natural Light, and are a Master of it. We love your work, especially what you’ve done of our kids. Thank you!

  8. Tara, you’re AMAZING! Such a great story teller (visually & verbally). I’m sure Christa and Michael will treasure these photos forever, as well as their family. Great job!

  9. As Christa’s mom and now Michel’s mother-in-law, I can say that yes these pictures are fabulous because for me they really capture their zest for life, and love of each other. They will treasure these for a very long time and always look on them and smile. The photography is stunning, inventive, surprising, and personal. That’s what it’s all about. Blessings to all of you.

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