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So this is less “hung” and more “bound” but I still wanted to get it into this category. This is just another way to show off your images. And in fact, is my very favorite way to show off one of my family sessions. I think putting all of the photos from your session into book form (story form) is just perfect for the way I shoot. There is nothing like flipping through a big glorious book will full bleed images and glossy pages. It’s like flipping through a beautiful art book, and oh wait, these are MY people!

I design books for my clients often, however Melissa did this on her own after purchasing the digital files.

This book belongs to Melissa Vossler.

Book vendor is Vision Art.

Melissa’s session can be found here.

More well hung here.



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  1. Thank you SO much for doing these “Well Hung” posts!! We just had pictures taken of our family and my daughter (1 year shoot) and I have been looking for ideas of how to hang them. I already have some frame groupings on the wall but I always like seeing other peoples ideas of displaying their pictures, so much to my husbands dismay, we may be freshening it up a bit! :) I love your pictures and would love have pictures with you, would just need to save up the money for it and for the vacay! :)

  2. Tara,
    Beautiful – as always. I was just telling a friend over the weekend how I so wish I had come up with ‘well hung’ to feature my client’s photo walls :) Makes me giggle every time!

    Huge cheer for VA – their service is second to none. Few questions – do you find you need to desat images any with VA? I find any red in skin tones is very pronounced. Also – what do you mean glossy pages? I’ve only had VA books with matte pages (this opens up all new possibilities) :)


  3. Funny, I’ve been contemplating wether to offer albums or not, and doing some research on different vendors, then came here and saw this! Fantastic. It feels like a lot of work/time offer this, but it looks so beautiful. Would you mind sharing which vendor you use for the books YOU design yourself, Tara?

  4. I should have KNOWN Amy B was behind the naming of this series, lol! perfect….gotta love Amy! love that you have your clients send you photos to round out the process….so often we don’t get to see the finished product and it is so nice to!

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