well hung – the miller home

It was perfect timing when Julie emailed me these shots of her home, since I just posted her family photos below.

Stair gallery – 16×24, 10×30, 16×20, 10×20, (and adding a 20×30)

Dining room squares – 10×10 (mustaches found here.)

Dining room  rectangles – 11×14

Momma with her boys – 11×14 (quote is something one of her son says to her every night, upon tucking him in, purchased here.)

To see other installations of this feature, click here.

I have received a rash of images from past clients the last few weeks – so I will be posting more well hung’s in the following days!



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  1. oh my gosh!! ha ha I SOOOO LOVE THIS!! Mind if I steal some of it? LOL How brilliant! Its funny, you see the digital stuff and think its awesome. You see the PRINT STUFF OF THE WALL! AND ARE BLOWN AWAY! *sigh* I so love this! Made my day! Happy things! Thanks for posting happy things today :) I needed it.

  2. i love their home and the way they hung your photos is PERFECT! i love seeing this series because i LOVE seeing your photos somewhere else besides the blog… it’s just that much better!

    you rock tara! :)

  3. Thanks for posting these! I’ve been anxious to see how Julie put all the pics from her session with you up in her house! You’ve never seen a house more filled with beautiful family pictures and such an overwhelming feeling of love for one another! These pics just add to that! Love it!

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