san francisco in 38 diptychs.

Last November, we traveled as a family to San Francisco to stay for the Thanksgiving holiday. This has become a bit of a tradition, and we hit a lot of the same spots as last time.

You can see our 2009 trip here.



PS – I will be on vacation through Feb 19 and responding to emails when I return.

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  1. I haven’t been to your blog in a great long while. I came here today and said, “Oh, these kids are cute, great shots”. Then I realized… these are YOUR kids…and I immediately exclaimed out loud, “OMG, they got HUGE!!!!!” They grow up soooo fast, and yours have done a whole lot growing since I’ve been ’round these parts. Gorgeous babes you have there, but way too big. Please tell them to stop growing up so fast lest they give their mama – and some of her readers – a coronary. Gracias <3

  2. I remember seeing pics of your kids when they were itty bitty in Simple Scrapbooks magazine. I think I still have the issue with Anna’s blankets album. They have all grown up so much! The love between you all really shines though. : )

  3. tara
    i usually just page ad page and page through your images. always falling in love. wishing you lived on the east coast so i could hire you for a shoot…. but today i just needed to say i love the love that exudes form your kids. they seem to truly be connected and loving and F U N and vibrant. the kind of kids i would wish were friends with my kids. this series is awesome and i think they rock and they must rock because you let them.

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