simple and sweet

Simple and traditional session at home with a quick stop at the lagoon down the street. The light was UNREAL the afternoon/evening I photographed this family of three. It went from blinding gold to soft pink, and I loved both. But I think I am partial to the soft pink sky. Reminds me of San Francisco.



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  1. It’s my first time commenting but I check your stuff out regularly and I thought it was about time that you know that I basically love you and I think I might just have to move cross country to have some of your landscapes to work with! :-) Beautiful beautiful work!

  2. I love these so so much!!!
    that baby is adorable and this reminds me so
    much of just having one child, how magical it all is in the beginning!!!

  3. i am so tired of winters in michigan. i long for year long warmth (at least warmer than here) and the opportunity to photograph my families outside. winter in michigan really cramps my style. not everyone wants pics in the snow…lol.

    as usual tara, lovely evening pictures….

    hugs, cindy

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