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Figured it was time to show off some client images instead of personal ones. The Thiede family is living in that RV, traveling around the US with their crew of six. I met up with them in Orange County, CA at Doheny State Beach.

In the mom/daughter walking down the beach shots I told them to pretend they were in a tampon commercial – that’s how I get the big laughs.

You can read Alicia’s thoughts on our session here, where you are certain to fall as in love with her as I did.



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  1. Oooh..such a treat to see Alicia and her beautiful family here..you captured them all so perfectly. I tried to pick a fave but it got too hard.
    Gorgeous, Ms Tara.


  2. OH! I love them!!! This session you’ve posted has touched me more than the rest lately. Love the hands together and kids one. Tara, someday you have to do use again. But sadly Russell is going off on his own in several months and we are down to four. Just wait, it seems like they’ll always be there, but before you know it – it’s over and you are on to another chapter…. tim and I are just saving up for that Harley. Have you ever done a bike shoot????? ;)

  3. Love these, Tara. So inspiring. What an amazing family and great way to be able to live. Thanks for sharing them with all of us! Can’t wait to follow her blog :)

  4. I am in LOVE with these!! I don’t know them, but these pictures make me smile :D
    I just love your work. I don’t leave comments very often, but read your blog ALL the time. I can’t wait to have pictures just like these (hopefully by you!) of my own family one day. :)

  5. That family is BEAUTIFUL.
    First, Mom’s enough tattoo is so cool. This coming from a tattoo-free girl.
    Secondly, the pic of the four kids up close. WOWEE. GORGEOUS.
    And lastly, those parents cannot have four kids. No Way. I have two and I look OLD and TIRED. What’s up with that? ;)
    Beautiful session.

  6. Oh Miss Tara! I will break my silence at last. I’ve been stalking your blog for years, my comments can no longer be contained! My goal for 2011….comment on Tara Whitney’s blog! (why are some like me so afraid of commenting on strangers blogs?) This post touched me in so many ways. I too, dream of the day my family is in front of your lens. These images are up there with my top favorite TW images. Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. Where oh where did I JUST see this gal’s cute tattoo.. pinterest? I dunno, but I am keenly aware that the universe is pulling a little trick on me again.

    I am totally jealous of both of you! That she has had such beautiful pictures taken of her family (and from her account a wonderful experience too) and that you got to spend some time with a family that is sooo themselves, sooo comfy in their skin, soooo beautifully unique… each one of them…

  8. Seriously gorgeous, funky and fun! But over all – sweet, really real and honest. I love ever single pixel in each image. I 100% adore your work! Would you care at all if I highlighted this and Alicia’s post on my blog. I’d love for my clients to see your stories. To embrace this family and to strive for this connection!

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