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  1. Love this Tara! I have to ask you…Wassup with the chartreuse sofa? It reminds me of Nicole Kidman’s Oscar dress…It’s a bold and somewhat controversial statement. ;) You get extra brownie points for the usage of plaid, and the picture of the In Rainbows vinyl. Cool stuff. Muah xo

  2. Love every single piece of this…
    How you perfectly intertwined the nature shots with the people shots, the shots in your home, etc. The music was the perfect choice…calm, warm, soothing…so beautiful. Great work, once again!

  3. I like how you include pictures of your home in the movie. They truly add to the story. You can see so much love in your photographs. Great movie.

  4. gorgeous images. you have captured such great expressions. i love the smiles + laughter + joy – they just burst out of the screen. i definitely want to capture more of that in my photos in 2011.

    drew kills me. so much soul in his face – future model?

    and your couch DOES rock. loved seeing the whole unit together. such a rad find.

  5. Your video is fantastic, there are wonderful pictures (some of the ones I just loved looking at in 2010) and the music is a dream. You are a so talented and loving mother and wife. Looking forward to your 2011 shots and stories.

  6. I love it! I think that it is awesome that your boys are doing the Karate Kid move!!! Fantastic that they know it!!! Such lovely images of a gorgeous family! Tell Jeff that he is as young and good looking as he was in high school!!!!

  7. You and your family are a masterpiece…your unique personalty’s and the love you share shines through in these lovely images you have captured. Thank you for sharing your lives and for inspiring me to snap more of the everyday stuff…for that is what memories are made of. May you all be blessed with good health and all the happiness your hearts can hold for 2011!

  8. I started reading your blog 5 years ago, when I started mine (which I no longer maintain). Its always been such a pleasure to read your posts and watch your beautiful family grow. I find your photography and your perspective as inspiring as ever. One of my favorite things about you is your great taste in music. I don’t know where you go to find your new favorite music, but I always enjoy what I discover here (including that Sun Kil Moon song!). I wish you the happiest, most creative New Year!

  9. quick question about imovie, can you only use a certain amount of photos?! I am trying to do one & it stopped me from using some and asked me if I wanted to replace them?! that’s crazy! I really hate this iMac, it doesn’t let me do ANYTHING I used to be able to do! UGH!

  10. Seriously, the coolest family ever….with the Cathy Z’s family right up there with you!!! The slide show made me sniffle – so awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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