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  1. Oh my gosh Tara…. I love, love, love the middle picture. The one with the pictures of your kids above your kitchen sink and the scrabble tiles that say “SMILE” That would make me smile every single day. Funny how when you read blogs, people post pictures and stories but if you look there is so much more about them if you just look a little more. I see a mother’s heart. Children that are very, very loved. A family. :) Ok so I notice silly little things like that but then it is the little things that I love.

    Thanks for sharing your heart.


  2. Ok, so many things to say:

    1- Love the graininess.
    2- So adorable that she washes up after.
    3- Those cups are pretty precious.
    4- Your windowsill makes me giddy.
    5- Thanks for sharing Shannon Leith’s blog. Hooked.
    6- I now feel inspired to take pics of my dishes. :)

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