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  1. heh…I’m familiar….combo of the big boy coming home from college with full-blown mono, and the girlie showing full-blown signs of her dad’s insomnia, then sleeping all day. Me? doing as you, I imagine, just soaking it in.

  2. well, i love looking at your blog and i especially love when you post pictures of your house! would you be willing to share with me where you got those awesome big square frames? or maybe it’s just a piece of glass? it looks like you did your own border, maybe? those are insanely cool!

  3. Your pictures are like candy to me.
    This week has been fun and relaxing for us, too. We just got back from Valle de Bravo/Avandero, some mountains in Mexico. Today We saw the monarch butterflies that are here for the winter. So amazing!!!
    Love the pictures you have on your wall behind that great green chair.

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