Waiting for dinner, after. Anna was chasing squirrels, and is not pictured.

This week I will be sharing the pictures that I took while on vacation with my family in July. We opted to stay local, and act like tourists in our own neighborhood.

On day one, we spent the day at Wild Rivers and I didn’t take any photos. On day two, we rented a boat in the Oceanside harbor and took it out to sea. Everyone but Jeff was scared after we got it out of the harbor, out of the safe calm water, and realized how tiny our boat was compared to the great big ocean. As the waves tipped us all over the place. Of course he took pleasure in crashing us into the biggest waves and making the boat rock even more, as we all laughed and screamed. It took us a few minutes to get our sea legs, but once we did it wasn’t long before we felt very, very Miami Vice.

What I remember from this day:

The weather was magnificent.
Speeding along in the fresh air
The water splashed us.
Feeling very small in a very big world.
We went from hot to cold to hot again.
Mckenna sat at the front like a mermaid statue, she loved it. Loved the water spraying her. Loved the speed.
The boys were completely full of themselves when it was their turn to drive. They loved being in control of a speeding vehicle. Which I thought was sweet and typical.
Anna couldn’t get enough of the sea lions.
I couldn’t get enough of the sky.

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  1. As always, love the love. :) Hooray for staycations! Especially here in SoCal, where there’s sooo much to do. We used to do that all the time when I was growing up…well, more like day trips to places that were free/cheap, but still. ;)

  2. I love boats, I love the ocean, loving the snapshots you share with us of your family and an awesome summer. Love the vibrant colors and all the smiles :)

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