This was the hottest day of our staycation and we chose to spend it on black asphalt with no shade. Go us!

We entered the fair and first thing first was getting our photo booth pictures taken so we could head over to the lockers and put away our sweatshirts for later, and store the photos as well.  That is called efficiency, and Jeff was proud of my planning. I asked the woman running the booths which one was the best. (Pro tip.) The entire family knows this is all I really care about, well, that and the Aussie fries, and thankfully they are all game to do it for me. Simple pleasures for the Momma.

Second in importance at the fair is the food. This was basically a fair food crawl. We tried as much fair food as we could stuff into our bellies. Usually getting one order of something and sharing it all around. Everyone got to pick the one thing they were really excited to try.

Jeff: chocolate covered bacon, and you can see how that went over. Not recommended.
Me: aforementioned Aussie fries, ranch AND cheese please.
Mckenna: chili cheese fries
Drew: funnel cake
Nate: cheese on a stick
Anna: turkey leg

Jeff and I came to the sad realization of how old we were, seeing as how going on any of these rides made us fear for our lives and rue the days we were born. I came this close to stopping once, mid ride, I thought I was going to die, that all of my insides were going to fly out of my mouth. Nathan and Mckenna are equally as cautious. Kenna waited patiently all day for the last ride, her carousel. Her glee was contagious. We all sat on the side and waved and made her laugh every time she came around.

I love the twin expressions of Drew and Nathan upon getting off the ferris wheel, lips puffing out, thankful to be back on the ground. Drew will go on just about anything – including the scariest ride in the park, the one that people stand around and watch and dare their friends to go on: Evolution. Anna is second fearless – she comes running off every ride with a huge smile on her face.

I love the shots I got of Jeff, Nate, and Mckenna laughing at the kids on the swing ride – the kids on the swing ride had faces of ‘dontdiedontdiedontdie’ that were priceless – we both laughed until we cried.

The clouds rolled in just about the time I was about to call uncle, and I was so thankful for the drop in temperature.

What the kids didn’t know, was that as the sun dropped in the sky and the lights of the fair came on, we had a surprise for them. We had purchased tickets to see Train – a family car favorite. They know every word to every song on the current album, thanks to Jeff. It was an outdoor concert, and we all stood together and sang and danced the night away. It was one of the most magical moments I will ever remember with my people. I have it tucked somewhere in a pocket of my heart, to pull out and unfold whenever I hear a Train song on the radio. It was such a treat to give this experience to them, and to watch them love music as much as we do. Such a treat.
I have always been afraid of this stage of life – when my kids are older and heading into the tweens and teens.

It turns out, this is my favorite time so far.



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  1. I have loved all these personal posts from you, especially the 6 people x 12 thing. I decided to do the same after realizing how few photographs I’m actually in, only with a twist of just me and my kiddos since the hubby is less than cooperative most days. ;) Just posted my first attempt from last night and I can’t wait to do more. Thank you for the inspiration!!

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