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  1. Amazing picture of you, Tara. Feels sooo like summer (she says wearing a sweater and watching the rain poor out of the sky, here in Holland…where it’s supposed to be summer as well..)



  2. Hi Tara, Glad you are enjoying the end of summer with the kids, just wanted to tell you that these photos are so beautiful. I don’t live close to the beach, but the few times I’ve been to the ocean, my soul has been soothed like nothing else. You look happy, beautiful, and content, so happy your little family is having a good time :) Be safe, be happy, much love Tara :)

  3. Have a fun break, you deserve it. BTW, I have loved your last few posts. We have a son that is 19months and dr.’s believe to be autistic. It is hard. But it’s our life and we try to focus on the good things in it like you said. You are a loving mother and that is what’s important. Thanks for your posts and photography, as always, Inspiring!

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