shiny happy

I am short on words this evening, but I have to say that I love these simple, colorful, happy family images of the Hester family very much.



PS – Bree is the one who got me to purchase an ice cream maker, and begin obsessively making homemade ice cream. The kids think I am magic!

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  1. the second I saw the first image, I knew it was Bree’s turn!!! yay!!! Bree–you do all look so shiny and happy! Love this session so much ;)

    ps–here’s to homemade ice cream. Bree’s recipes are THE BEST.

  2. Oh my goodness!!! These are absolutely precious!!! You rock as always! What a beautiful family – they will be so blessed to have these images!

  3. so i love your shots, and love this field with the flowers and the light there – but must giggle as i don’t know how you walk through this field without thinking about snakes – better yet how do you convince the kids to walk and sit in these fields w/o having them think about them?…i live in FL and if there was a field as lovely as that it would hiding all sorts of scary poisonous snakes!! i think i must move to CA!!

  4. I really am drawn to this location. Is it here in Orange County and were they taken on Tuesday evening (this week’s light??)

    I’d love to take a girlfriend there and shoot.

    Erik M

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