well hung – the berry home

This is the first installation in my newest blog feature. In it, I will feature photos taken by my clients of the photos that I took for them.

What did they end up doing with them?

How did they feature them on their walls?

In doing so, I am hoping to inspire other clients to get their own images up, and share some ideas from very real people and their very real homes.

By the way, if you are a past client and you would like YOUR home featured, please email me for details!

First up is the Berry home, using a selection of images from our first session together.

Ben’s room:

Sam’s room:

Upstairs hallway:

Family room:

Session can be viewed here.

(Thanks Amy B for helping me come up with what I wanted to call this!)
And thank you Bonnie, for allowing me to show off your home.



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  1. Awesome!….and crazy! I actually posted back in May on my Facebook pages asking:
    “Lot116 Photography wants to do a blog post showing Lot116 photos in YOUR homes. So for all of my amazing clients: please send me pictures of Lot116 photos, canvases, etc displayed in your home! :) I might even make a little contest out of this ;) Please send photos to julie@lot116.com
    Too funny :)

  2. Love, love, love the new feature. So fun, Tara!
    I want every single one of your clients to show us their Well Hung Tara Whitney photos!!

  3. Awesome! It’s funny because I’m waiting on a picture from a client to start something similar, also for the first time. Not sure it will become something regular, but obviously I love the idea! =) Great minds think alike! I checked out all your billions of questions you answered recently – holy smokes, woman! You must get entirely EXHAUSTED with answering so much. You are generous. And all together interesting! ;)

  4. This is exactly what I do! I have a “product feature” section on my website where I feature product clients have purchased after they are hung in their homes. BTW! I have been searching high and low for a photographer for my family, well because darnit, I want to be in a photo sometimes too! After much looking I found you and you are it for me! Love your style so much! Saving up to hopefully do it next year!



  5. I’m so excited about this feature! I’ve lived in this house for 4 years and have yet to hang any photos so I’m anxious to see what other people have done.

  6. LOL at the title!!! ;) I love this idea, it is so cool to see how others show off their images! That canvas is awesome, and I love the grouping in the living room! Good timing for this … Aaron Bros. is having their big penny sale right now … eeeeee! (P.S. I don’t work for AB, I just roam the web, freely advertising for them. LOL.)

  7. Kristal: I don’t know the name of the paint color but if you email me at thelazygirl [at] gmail {dot} com I will find it for you.

    Jayne: I purposefully took these right after the house had been cleaned and the kids were not home from school yet. 15 minutes after they got home it was trashed again : )

    Elizabeth Beattie: It will be the best money you EVER spent.

  8. I love the one in the hallway!!!

    I keep telling my husband we need to go to CA so you can take our pictures again. My kiddos have changed so much since the last time you took them.

    Great idea. Can’t wait to see more ideas.

    Thanks, Tara.

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