*MY* gummi bears

The Vossler family: young, energetic, beautiful, spunky, beach bumm-y, real, & addicted to Gummi Bears. (Or else!)

Also, winners of my Charity Water “free session” giveaway.

Also, a very wee little one was also pictured here without being pictured here. Predicted to arrive in December.

Also, I really hope I get to watch this family continue to grow.



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  1. love, love, love the picture of the orange and yellow buckets. The light in that one is awesome. Also love the bubble picture. I wish I had a smidgen of your talent. Great job.

  2. dreamy. what a lucky family to have won a shoot with you. I just love the “in-between” shot. Also the angry gummy bear shots are hilarious – what a true reflection of childhood!

  3. Oh my gosh, Tara,

    I read that you were up in my neck of the woods on sunday (i think it was) and then wondered when you would post photos of the winning family from the Charity Water giveaway – and here it is!

    Absolutely wonderful.

  4. Tara- these are absolutely amazing as usual! You are my favorite family photog, I only wish we lived closer to have our family photos taken by you! How the heck do you get your exposure perfect with the backlight?! I am STRUGGLING with that :/ I always just try and find shade, but that is not always an option…

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