fedoras, redwoods, and apple pie

It was a dark and dreary day the afternoon I met up with this family at their home in Marin. Their house still smelled like turkey cooking – I showed up the day after Thanksgiving. We played around the house and outside, utilizing their amazing surroundings as much as possible. Heaven on earth. We ended the session by starting an apple pie, something they love to do together. And lovely Lucia sent me back to my hotel with a bag of apples and pears to share with my family.



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  1. Tara, this session is so great! I definitely think it’s one of my all-time favorites of yours. It was fun to see the shots of them in the trees where I am so used to seeing beaches. Very, very cool! Awesome work, as ususal! ;)

  2. I love the first one with the fedoras – made me smile! What a gorgeous family! You captured them so beautifully. It is fun to see the environment change (woodsy instead of beaches) and to see the family in their gorgeous home. Wish I could move in with them :-)! (And have some of that apple pie!)

  3. Things I love about these photos….the blue ball in the mirror reflection. The boy tugging his Dad’s ear (my Drew is an infamous ear massager so it tugs on my heartstrings), the couch cuddling, and the cooking. I love them all to be quite honest, but those were my faves :)

  4. Hi Tara, can I just say that I love stopping by your blog, and your work is so inspiring. It really made me see the story in photography, and I just love everything you do.

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