something good this way comes \ the Zawadzki family film

Zawadzki Family Film from Michel Sandy on Vimeo.

film/editing: Michel Sandy
photography/concept: Tara Whitney
music: Something Good This Way Comes by Jakob Dylan
HD version here.

The home was, quite literally, amazing. The children were stunning and lovely to work with. And the parents were super chill and ready for anything. Michel and I were beyond thrilled that someone had finally let us shoot in their home. Earlier in the day, Leah had shared with me the song that she wanted to use for this. The moment it started playing, the goosebumps started. I had never heard it, and I connected, big time. This was the moment that I updated my Twitter feed with this. I spent the next two hours listening to the song on repeat – and while we shot, the lyrics were running through my mind constantly.

I raced off an email to Michel with the song attached, hoping he would be as inspired by it. Yea, I guess he was.

I just stopped writing this to watch it again, so I end with tears in my eyes and a very full heart.

I love love.



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  1. I pretty much get teary at every one of these family films you do. The one photo of mom and dad, mom is vertical and dad is horizontal and you just see his eyes, that would be an instant canvas in my house. I am just in awe of this film and the photos. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us.

  2. Oh, I want to do it again! Is Texas on your list of places you want to visit? We still watch our film ALL THE TIME but I’d love to have one in our home, too :) Treasure!

  3. This is so totally awesome. It’s heart warming emotion to music, it’s creative, inspiring and wonderful. Wish this was my families video. Love the song they chose…and yep it gave me goosebumps too. Thanks for sharing this Tara, love, love loved it.

  4. Okay, you already have a million comments, but i just HAVE TO say something too! I have NEVER been moved to tears by photos/video like I just was. Tara, not only do you have an amazing talent in capturing families and I am sure you bless them with it, you bless me with your blog! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! It was stunning and the most beautiful work of art I have seen in a long time.

  5. Living in “Rain-couver” (Vancouver, Canada) I find it hilarious that you needed to use a hose to make rain. Beautiful images as always. A big fan of Leah, so it was refreshing to see THE Leah Zawadzki with her Mom hat on.

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