the twins’ saturday afternoon routine

These are my favorite types of sessions. Nothing is set up, nothing is planned. I just follow a family around while they do what they normally do. This time, it was: snuggle, play, snack, play, walk to park, play, snuggle, bath, temper tantrum, snuggle, bed.




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  1.! Those first three b&w’s… does it get any better than that?! Might be in my TOP favorite photos you’ve ever taken! Oh, and can’t leave out the amazingness that’s happening on the swingset… you SO rock rock ROCK!

  2. oh Tara, these are some of my favorites that you’ve ever done. You are so gifted. And the little baby’s belly on the bed…I want to eat her up! I’m so jealous of these pix, and MUST find a way to have my family photographed by you.

  3. Seeing these makes me I realize how unfair it is that you live there and I live here … with too many miles between. I need pictures like these with my boys. This family will treasure them forever.

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