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The beautiful and talented and energizing and thoughtful Kal Barteski is doing a week-long inspiration fest over on her blog called GO/Venture. Together with her partner in crime, Elise Blaha, they come up with a word prompt for the day and then post some type of inspiration piece. Yesterday the prompt was INVISIBLE, and Kal used this photo with my permission and GREATEST HONOR. And get this, she sketched the photo from memory, then scanned and placed her sketch over the top of my image. I love how it all lined up.

Several people are joining in on the fun tomorrow, or so I hear.

I just might be one of them.



P.S. I love the internet.

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  1. Tara this post brought me to tears. I feel everything and more that you expressed in words when I look at these. Every bit. You captured the magic girl.

    I had a session like this that made my heart soar. That is just one of the best feelings…

  2. 2 of my favorite blog writers coming together to create more artistic treasures! What a treat to see your collaboration :). Such sweetness captured between you and your honey Tara… Sure wish my week was a bit less busy so I could participate in this fun word inspiration week of Kal’s, but the busy – ness is truly lovely too, so can’t complain too loudly!

  3. if i were you i would print this up REALLY big somewhere so everytime you see it it would bring a peaceful feeling inside of you because that is how it makes me feel when i see it *sigh* truly truly beautiful. ;)

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