giveaway (moirai tools)

Winner is: Valeska Wehr!

moirai specializes in tools, resources, and software for a variety of Adobe Photoshop users.  From hobbyists to professional photographers and graphic designers, the tools we offer provide valuable functionality for a wide audience:

moirai Compositor: This new tool is the sequel to Heart is Found Storyboard Maker. The original Storyboard Maker is a popular tool for creating page layouts and storyboard images. Compositor builds upon that by offering even more features:

  • A new user interface makes the tool easier to use: Picking the dimensions of the final image is more straight-forward and looks just like the Image Size dialog in Photoshop. Other options are now defined similarly.
  • Picking the images for your composition is easier than ever: You no longer have to load all of your images into Photoshop® in exactly the right order. The new interface allows you pick other images to include by browsing files on your computer. You can also re-order the images before generating the final composition.
  • There are new options for the final composition so the tool can do more for you: You can specify borders on the individual images in the composition, you can specify background colors other than white, and you can even pick another image to use as the background.
  • Best of all, you get to choose the final layout: Instead of a layout being automatically chosen, you are a given a choice of numerous layout options. This flexibility guarantees that you’ll get the composition you want with no hassles.

One person will win a free moirai Compositor – comments on facebook are not applicable.

Winner chosen Sunday night at 8pm PST.

Good luck!

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  1. In Australian time, I’m too late, but in your time…I don’t know. So I thought just in case, I’d leave a comment anyway, to simply say ‘YES PLEASE’ I would loooooove this.

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