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It has been awhile since I have shared a client session – so I thought I would share one this morning to give us all a break from the Christmas posts that are sure to be popping up all over our blog readers today. I shot this talented family of photographers a few weeks before Christmas at their absolutely unbelievable home in Malibu, CA. The problem was, the drive took much longer than I anticipated, ANNNNND it got dark at 4:45, ANNNNND their home was surrounded by trees. So I got there and had just about an hour of light. And it wasn’t enough. I am heading back up in March to really do the job right. Selfishly, I have to get back up to shoot them again – there is so much to do at their home and so much I missed out on. Sometimes an hour is all I need, but not this time. Looking forward to going back.

While I was there getting to know them, this is what I shot.


Don’t you just love all of their faces?

I did.



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  1. That family looked so fun to photograph and I love every shot you posted. You caught them living and loving life so wonderfully!! That baby really kept her eyes on you too.

  2. that blue table? a little treasure i found here in a local store. i loved it. so i bought it. i had no place in particular to put it. then it all came together. it is going in my bathroom, next to my clawfoot tub. upon the pretty little table will sit a vessel sink. and i can’t wait.

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