Maura + Jay = Savannah


Jay – you are such a show off! (And I loved peer pressuring you into doing your monkey tricks!)


Maura, you’re glowing – see?


I love how beautiful she looks in these. Beautiful and sexy and comfortable in her own skin. Lovely.



This was the last shot and Jay (the ham-bone who made more faces at me than most 5 year old boys) jumped in there and surprised me yet again…He had me laughing behind my camera all night.


Maura + Jay also equals a whole lot of fun. During our “get to know each other” emails, I learned that they were both really happy, laid back people who enjoyed sports. Golf and baseball in particular. I thought a maternity session while playing mini golf would be meaningful and quirky for this couple who wanted something different. (The girl at the rental counter gave us pink and blue golf balls without even knowing what we were up to. We all got a kick out of that.) However, they know their baby is pink. They have already nicknamed her Savvy.



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  1. Beautiful, as always. I fear I’m never going to come to California again (I was there in my early 20s… and loved it), but if one or more of my kiddos are ever in your neighborhood, expect a call from some Alabama fans.

    We have a cobblestone street with tons of brick buildings and wrought iron in downtown Birmingham where several of our professional photographers do senior portraits. I’m taking Miss Roxie this fall with a few changes of clothes, and I’m going to try some of your different angle shots. I’m always inspired when I look at your pics.

    I also loved the sky shot at the beach. How can people not believe there is a God in Heaven when they see something so breathtaking? You captured it well.

  2. Hi Tara – I just read the Blu Domain blog…CONGRATULATIONS on your Photographer of the Year nomination. Well deserved and you have my vote! Great session here too. Makes me wish I was pregnant again. :)

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