look, your tongue is blue!


This is a little game I often play where I line everyone up and ask the kiddos to run to me one by one. I normally get at least one great shot but this time I happily got three.


The Baltgalvis family was in SoCal on vacation. We tooled around Huntington Beach and had a great time. For anyone who follows me on twitter, you may remember an update awhile back where I said Sometimes during a shoot I scheme about how to take the baby home with me. Like tonight. Jen & Badi. I’ll get him back to you I promise. :)’

This was the shoot.



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  1. HAHA first comment – watch someone beat me to it… ok your blog is now my go to all the time when i get online… its like checking my email. I love this little kid! He reminds me of what my husband looked like when he was little. LOVE the warm tone in these. ABSOLUTELY awesome as always.

  2. kea-Those photos kind of happened like that-the walls are peach and the day was just a warm light kind of day. I adjusted colors to my liking, but didn’t use an action.

    abigail-you make me laugh. thank you.

  3. Tara, I love how you capture something that I think I know so well (HB) and make me see it in a completely new way. Now I have to hunt down more of those spots. :) Love how you capture the little intimate family interactions, too. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Tara I have been watching your work for 3 years now and you NEVER seize to amaze me..in my opinion you are the best photographer I have seen in my short time of taking photos..you are such an inspiration to myself and obviously many others.

    you are beautiful
    your children are beautiful
    your marriage(from what I see)is beautiful
    and last but certainly not least the stories
    that you create for families is EXTRAORDINARY!

    you have such an amazing talent and you should feel so proud
    for the pnenominal memories you have given to so many…

    PEACE OUT~Jillian

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