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  1. i agree – home sessions are the BEST!! i have a question for you if you have a second – how do you convince families that home is a great place to shoot, or do you even run into that? many of my families say things like, “my house isn’t pretty enough”, or “oh, i HATE my yard”. etc…and i am having trouble helping them see that it isn’t about being perfect – it’s about being who you are, WHERE you are. just curious!! LOVE your stuff, as always! YOU ROCK!

  2. mary alice,
    funny you should ask because my last two sessions have taken place in homes, and both times, the home owners didnt think their homes would work out. in one, i was told it was too cluttered. and for this session, they are undergoing MAJOR home renovation. both times, i said that i can easily work around “mess” and asked to meet them at home and told them that we could always plan to go to a second location if it didn’t work out.
    in both cases, we never went to a second location. :)

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