“thursday’s thoughts”

mcannon a friday morning.

three images that define for me what it is like to have a sister like mckenna. in one instant she will laugh with you and love with you and be present with you until she … suddenly … just doesnt.

until the switch turns off.

one instant she is present and the sparkle is behind her eyes, the next instant its off and she is back inside of herself.

and then you love her anyway.

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  1. awww what sweet pictures.
    and you know what’s so cool about having
    a sister like Mckenna, is your other 3 children
    are so aware of and sensitive to other people and
    what they might be going through. they are learning
    patience, compassion and so many other things.
    what a beautiful post tara. you should be proud to have
    4 amazing kids!

  2. That is a beautiful description of a child like McKenna! I was just noticing in the first picture how Anna was making a face similar to one that McKenna makes and how much it looks like a face I recognize from you in high school. Then in the third picture McKenna looks a bit like Jeff. I know that every minute changes for you with her. You seem to do a fabulous job of getting through the muck to the sunny moments. Know this for sure, your other three kids, Drew, Nate and Anna, will grow up to be AMAZING people because McKenna is their sister! Of course, that and because you and Jeff are their parents!

  3. Tara – I know exactly how you feel. And the love sometimes feels like it will devour me – it’s so strong. Peace to you and your family.


  4. you know…i think in a way we are all sorta like that..sometimes we are there and sometimes we arent…I think that defines people in general.

    Thanks for sharing..love the little storyboard of your girls..


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