our snaps (april 09)

i’ve had some personal photos i have wanted to share this month, but haven’t done it for some reason. but now i am.

first up are some shots i got of anna one morning before it was time to get ready for school. this look is entirely her own, i had no part in it. she is still obsessed over her skates, and i laugh because she reminds me of one of those roller skating waitress pin up girls from the 1950’s, what with her ample and scrumptious little girl roundness and the way she rolls and turns doing chores or helping me in the kitchen.


one of her favorite things to ask me to do is walk quickly holding her hand through our main rooms downstairs, and then turn, spinning her and letting her go at the same time. she spins and flies into the other room, giggling madly, her eyes wild with happiness.

a couple more from that morning. expressions that are so completely natural, so completely her.


and there was the afternoon that i watched the falconbridge girls. yindi entertained me with the way she ate cheerio’s. the girls were up to their usual antics of running around in the backyard in their birthday suits. this time with more mud! and chalk rubbings of bottoms and hands and bellies!


then there was easter. we had a really nice, quiet morning at home. rachel and i had decorated the kitchen table the night before, filling the baskets, and hiding eggs all over the downstairs and backyard. i was jarred out of sleep in the morning by anna, who came rushing up to my side of the bed, whispering loudly, “MOM! ITS A MIRACLE! the easter bunny hid eggs! AND HE LEFT ONE IN MY ROOM!”

the easter bunny smiled and kissed her excited little girl. she thought about staying in bed but couldnt resist the excitement. plus she wanted to see who was the one to find the egg inside of the BBQ. (it was nathan).

after the hunt, and a big homemade breakfast, we all got ready for the beach to meet up with my family for an afternoon beach picnic.


unfortunately, the weather uncooperated with our plans, and after a few hours of biting cold wind, we decided to head back to our neighborhood pool. the weather we experienced at home was completely different from what was happening at the beach.


and then, just a couple of days ago: these.


when i looked through the camera and saw him standing there, looking at me, i was startled at what i saw happening on his face. its something i see nearly every time i photograph a young teenage boy. a look of polite reluctance, measuring me up, not quite daring to open up all of the way. there is an age when children lose the total abandon into which they look into a camera lens. when their self consciousness comes to the surface. for drew, it has happened. i snapped twice before it registered, and then i put my camera down and laughed and ruffled his hair, nudged his shoulder, told him to cut it out, and smothered his head with kisses.


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  1. Those last photos of your son are amazing. They seriously brought tears to my eyes. It seems like it’s always the little girls who get the great emotional photos. There is just something really special about those. What a treasure.

  2. thanks for sharing. i know you mention what’s in your bag but if you were a stay at home mom, and you could only get one lens, which would you pick?

  3. how wonderful to see you capturing your everyday family memories – thank you for sharing! You make it all look so effortless to capture these images and I know how much talent it truly takes – I love them and I’m off to capture some of my own family this weekend – rain, hale or shine!

  4. You have such a beautiful family. I really need to concentrate on taking more pictures of my own family. I am missing out on all this amazing stuff that you are capturing so often. It seems from your posts that you have such an awesome way at viewing life and I wish I could be a little more like you in that way. I look forward to your posts every day, thanks.

  5. OMGoodness, your anna has the exact same teeth and smile as my lily. they have the same gap in front and it looks like anna has only lost the bottom 2 teeth, same as my lily. how precious is that.

    i just also wanted to say that you have been an inspiration to me for a long time. i love coming to your blog to view your pics and i love your style. your pics always make me smile. thank you.

  6. drew is going to break a thousand hearts – and you have every right to be picky about his girlfreinds cos whoever he ends up with, it will rip your heart to give him up!
    I thinkthat picture is the best you have evertaken of him since I have been reading your blog (which is almost 4 flaming years!)

  7. “there is an age when children lose the total abandon into which they look into a camera lens. when their self consciousness comes to the surface.” Could this possibly be said any better than you just said it?

  8. You truly have a way with words. And of course, with the camera. I love this series. I LOVE the ones of Drew in b&w. I rarely comment but I do also have to say that the photos of you in the yellow flowers a few posts back…amazing. I love your blog, and I am always inspired by your photographs and your comments. You live life!

  9. I am new to your blog and am blown away by your work! I LOVE it and only wish I lived in California to hire you. Your photos are so natural and fresh.
    When you are taking snapshots with your own family do you shoot manual?
    I look forward to following your work.

  10. Ah the roller skates—so need to find some pics of my girls in their skates & zoom in on their feet—they both flew through our house when little, careening off the kitchen counters & walls… hope I took more than the one I can remember… now that they’re both grown! You truly do have an amazing eye for creating beauty—how ever can you choose favorites?! Amazing photos once more—each one lovely in its own way, just like each person too!

  11. Oh my the description of Drew got me right in the kisser-Trey is just 4 but I know the day will come fast.

    The images here-especially of Drew just took my breath away.

    Love you girlie

  12. I totally just teared up reading your description of Drew on the last 2 photos. LOVE Anna’s roller skates and mis-matched knee socks. Yindi’s little finger on the cereal is too precious for words. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  13. HOLY Bananas!! Drew is your boy? Hes the cutest looking kid (can I say that legally?) I have ever seen! He has that surfer look with a ‘give it your best shot’ attitude…man…what a looker :) Too bad I am twice his age :) Haha..okay jk!! Anyway fab pictures girl…you are ‘haaamazing’ :P

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