the falconbridge crew • home movies that rock! with tara & michel sandy • san diego photographer

michel’s request: daisy chains
my request: grassy field/golden sun/happy family

michel and i wanted to get out there and do a few home movie sessions together, so we asked emily and fam to meet up with us on sunday. and just in case you dont read emilys blog-they are expecting baby love number three in september. this is a magical time for them!

we drove around the rancho sante fe area until we found the perfect patch of grass, nestled on a perfect little hill, sitting below the golden sun and sky.

the girls explored and mick and emily relaxed while i wandered around doing my thing. we were all so blissed out, to use a boho girl term. michel was like a fly on the wall, watching over everything as it took place, so laid back and relaxed and comfortable in his approach to recording what happened that we hardly noticed him there. and that is why i could never in a million years have imagined that in the short time we were together, that he could create something so absolutely heart stoppingly special.

but he did.

Falconbridge Family Film from Michel Sandy on Vimeo.

i feel like i cannot accurately express my feelings about what he has created. so i will let it speak for itself. i think it does.

we have another one planned for later this month with another very special family, and several inquiries coming in. for more information, go to or read this! (We are also offering this as a “special side” without the large package for $1525)

EDITED: MUSIC by Priscilla Ahn “Dream”

EDITED AGAIN: YOUR RESPONSE HAS COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED ME. i knew that if i had the reaction i did so would many, many others…but i had NO idea, NONE whatsoever, that this little film would touch so many people the way it has. i still have no words. i just feel very very lucky to have connected with michel, and very very lucky to be able to do this as my job.

we have had some people ask if we are taking this show on the road, and yes, absolutely we are interested in doing that. i will be traveling four times this year, and michel has already said he would love to tag along…more information on me, traveling, in the next blog post.


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  1. i, too, have absolutely no words. I do not know this family yet somehow I sit here with tears in my eyes feeling absolutely overcome with beauty, love and the blissfulness of childhood. Thank you :)

  2. Oh my gosh, this is AMAZING. I would LOVE to be a part of something so special. This is the first time I’ve wandered into your blog and stopped to watch this while browsing through. It made me laugh and cry. I particularly love the ending after the music stops – that little bit is just so perfect. And the beginning, with the doll carriage and boots, so amazing. I love this. The family is sooo lucky to have it.

  3. That is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. What I would give to have something like that from when my children were small. Amazing….

  4. I’m a little late to comment, but…

    Wow! I’m not usually an emotional person (except when impregnated), but I got tears in my eyes watching this. It is so moving. I want to say precious, but that word doesn’t do it justice. It is a beautiful work of art capturing the falconbridge’s family dynamic – so real & yet ethereal at the same time. Wow!

  5. This video is amazingly beautiful. It shows what a beautiful family the Falconbridge family is and it also shows the awesome talents of my wonderful son, Michel! Great job! Love, Mom

  6. News of the Falconbridge Family video has hit me in Australia. I am overwhelmed by the emotion that it stirs deep in my soul. Will you take the road show down under?

    I’m madly thinking of friends who can help me create this for my own family ……. you have given so much inspiration. What a talent you both have.

    Keep going

  7. stunningly beautiful video and pictures!!! as i sit here tearing up at the computer lol…I can’t describe how much joy and love my heart felt while watching that, i can only imagine how they must feel to have something so precious for their family to watch years and years from now.

  8. Hi Tara!!!

    I was really looking forward to showing this stunning video to my family on my iphone but it doesn’t work because vimeo is on Flash player! ;-( It would be really cool if you could upload it to You Tube so we can show others in our iphones!!! Can you do that? Hope so ;-)

  9. tara, what a beautiful thing it is to have people like you in this world. creative spirits truly capture what is most special about life. you do that so amazingly in your work and i cannot even express how absolutely overwhelmingly excited i am to see you branching out like this. YOU WILL TOUCH SO MANY MORE LIVES. i just know it. your spirit is beautiful, your work amazing. i cannot wait to see more projects like these. this is truly what life is all about.

    i was just talking with a friend earlier today about the love i feel when i read your blog and view your captures. i don’t even know what to call your photography; it’s so much more than a picture or a feeling. it’s real love. and it’s amazing.

    can i say it again? it’s AMAZING.

    it’s likely our paths will never physically cross, but i have to tell you, tara, that your path has intersected mine in a very special and unique way and i am forever changed by it.

  10. So amazing. Makes me want to be a mother, an aunt. Makes me grateful for my two sisters and our modest upbringing, finding adventure in a field of grass. Makes me want to be a kid again…

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