the falconbridge crew • home movies that rock! with tara & michel sandy • san diego photographer

michel’s request: daisy chains
my request: grassy field/golden sun/happy family

michel and i wanted to get out there and do a few home movie sessions together, so we asked emily and fam to meet up with us on sunday. and just in case you dont read emilys blog-they are expecting baby love number three in september. this is a magical time for them!

we drove around the rancho sante fe area until we found the perfect patch of grass, nestled on a perfect little hill, sitting below the golden sun and sky.

the girls explored and mick and emily relaxed while i wandered around doing my thing. we were all so blissed out, to use a boho girl term. michel was like a fly on the wall, watching over everything as it took place, so laid back and relaxed and comfortable in his approach to recording what happened that we hardly noticed him there. and that is why i could never in a million years have imagined that in the short time we were together, that he could create something so absolutely heart stoppingly special.

but he did.

Falconbridge Family Film from Michel Sandy on Vimeo.

i feel like i cannot accurately express my feelings about what he has created. so i will let it speak for itself. i think it does.

we have another one planned for later this month with another very special family, and several inquiries coming in. for more information, go to or read this! (We are also offering this as a “special side” without the large package for $1525)

EDITED: MUSIC by Priscilla Ahn “Dream”

EDITED AGAIN: YOUR RESPONSE HAS COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED ME. i knew that if i had the reaction i did so would many, many others…but i had NO idea, NONE whatsoever, that this little film would touch so many people the way it has. i still have no words. i just feel very very lucky to have connected with michel, and very very lucky to be able to do this as my job.

we have had some people ask if we are taking this show on the road, and yes, absolutely we are interested in doing that. i will be traveling four times this year, and michel has already said he would love to tag along…more information on me, traveling, in the next blog post.


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  1. I almost didn’t comment because there are already so many, and I am not sure I can say it any different that what has already been said…but this is SO amazing that I simply HAD to comment! It is stunning and I am blown away. What an AMAZING team the two of you are and what a gift you are able to present to this family. This in my opinion is family perfection! Something they will weep over one day when those babies are all grown!! I’m sure it is more than they ever expected to see captured and worth more than money can buy!

  2. What a perfect collection. Such a beautiful collaboration. I, like many of the previous commenters laughed and cried. The ending moved to me a place beyond words. Thank you for sharing your gifts with this world.

  3. thank you thank you thank you EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU.
    i read every comment and want to reply personally to all of you.
    im completely overwhelmed.

  4. I had to come back and tell you…this video stayed in my subconscious is is so touching. LOL..I had a dream about you, Emily, and I were all friends hanging out and camping in tents. Yeah, camping is never going to happen for me. Must have been the grass, from the video, not from smoking. hehe.

  5. I just wanted to cry when I saw this…it’s so touching and beautiful. I just heard this song a few weeks ago and it is the perfect one for this video. Thanks for showing us and I hope I can do one with my family someday! Please, come to DC this year–put us on your travel schedule! :-)

  6. Well that just knocked my socks off. Absolutely spectacular. Of course the subjects weren’t the least bit shabby, but you have the most amazing ability to capture the tiniest fraction of a moment! Beautiful.

  7. this just amazing, so special. I’m glad I was able to share in these moments by watching the video. If I ever win the lottery, you’re my first call!!

  8. That is the most beautiful video I have seen…..EVER! Tara, I am so inspired by your creativity and I look forward to each little nugget of knowledge you pass on. Michel and you have found and put together something soooo soulful. Congratulations to you both. Phenominal photos, phenominal video. Thank you, Michel and the Falconbridge family for sharing.

  9. i only read emily’s blog every once in a while but today i just felt like i should check it & what did i come upon? a beautiful, sweet, intimate portrait of a family in love…so so wonderful! you guys are giving such a gift to the families that get to work with you…so very special

  10. Oh whhaaaaa..I commented on the wrong post yesterday. Not that it’s not magic too because everything you touch seems to be. I meant to say I’m going to have to pretty please for one of THESE! I love it so. I dream of it. I have to have one.
    Beauuuttiful work you.

  11. i’m speechless, so extraordinary…what a treasure. why, oh why do i live in icky michigan??? the setting was beautiful and as usual, you’ve outdone yourself again. simply lovely. when i win the lotto, i’m comin’. :)


  12. I usually check your site EVERYDAY (many times a day) but lately my work has been so incredibly busy (marketing for a library) that I have been deprived. And today, when I should be working on a last minute presentation, I took a ten minute break and went to your site.

    What a perfect release for me at the most perfect time.

    The only concern is that now I am crying, while at my desk, and the tears will not stop. I have heard others say this before about other posts – but I always seem to keep myself in check – but not today.

    I am missing in my life at this moment exactly what I see so beautifully presented on your site – a little bliss, a lot of love, and complete and utter freedom.

    Tara – you are amazing – you tell others ALL THE TIME – but what you see in them is clearly a reflection of you.

    You and Michael are a dynamo team that I wish to hell I could hire. Absolutely, incredibly, more than I could imagine – AMAZING.

    Thank you everyday – but especially thank you for today.

    Damn. I am out of Kleenex too.

    Feeling the love,

    Hey – should this have been an email? Sorry!!! :)

  13. Tara – The Falconbridge family video is absolutely beautiful…. and so inspiring. What a lovely family . . . but your photography and Michael’s videography are just fabulous. Great job.

  14. Tara,

    You get so many comments on blog posts like these (and rightly so – this is amazing) that I wonder what one more comment actually means in the scheme of things. But I couldn’t keep quiet and just had to say that you and Michel have hit upon a brilliant collaboration and I can’t think of two more talented individuals who are qualified to fill this need. I’m right now trying to scheme a way to “borrow” 2 or 3 kids so I can book myself one of these awesome “movie-shoots”. Bravo!

  15. i would love, love, love to do this for my family. if you are thinking of coming out to utah, let me know. or else i will just have to make the trip to cali in the next little while. it was so fun to see you on film. you and michel did a beautiful, brilliant job. i cried. really, i cried.

  16. wow. this is just amazing. brought tears to my eyes. now more that ever i wish and hope that some day i will be able to afford to come and have this sitting done with you and michel.

  17. Oh my goodness – I just cried – what an incredible and touching gift you have. I sent this link to my husband and told him, I would rather have this than diamonds any day! Not that I get a lot of diamonds. You are so amazing and so is he! What a fantastic team! I have always said, if I could have anyone capture my family, I would want you -now I have something even better to hope for! Thank you for sharing!

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