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i am sure many of you, like me, have followed the story of boho family. if you havent, you so totally should. denise, carsten, and cedar have a magical little story to share. for you see, sweet cedar was adopted after years of trying to conceive. after years of want. years of hope. years of dreams.

i got to know denise last year, when i hired her to photograph emily and i. i got to know her gentleness, her warmth, and her unbelievable desire to become a momma. i started rooting for them immediately.

as the story of their adoption and upcoming birth was bravely told on her sweet little blog, i got more and more thrilled at the prospect of photographing them once they were together at long last. it was something we had talked about before cedar’s very existence was known. boho mommy and daddy. boho baby. and me.



and i look forward to doing it again and again.


to find more of denise online:




(cedar’s great red hat from Everyday Beautiful, etsy.)

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  1. monique-denise is pretty well known for her soft vintage looking images. i tried to give her what i know she loves. :) you are right, it is different for me!

  2. Tara~ they are all beautiful pictures of a beautiful new family! I absolutely love the one of them on the couch…it’s pure perfection!!

    your work is such an inspiration…so natural and real. I love your style and wish you lived here in Dallas so you could photograph my family ~

  3. I was so excited when I heard the news for Denise. I have been basking in her beautiful words for a while and now your images make my heart sing even louder for their new bit of heaven!

    You have created magic once again! (and i am loving the vintage warmth on these, too!)

  4. Tara, I just had to thank you for sharing these gorgeous, emotion-spilling-over, magical moments captured! And thank you for sharing Denise’s blog. My heart opens up and I feel a bit of a connection with other adoptive parents. I love the miracle-laden stories of hope and great love. My husband and I were chosen just before Christmas to adopt again (our first little guy is 2.5), but the sweet young woman changed her mind a month ago and has decided to parent rather than place her child (due in 6 weeks now). While we still feel love and respect for her, and hope and pray for her every day to have a blessed life, we feel the raw ache to hold another child in our arms. And so I had tears seeing these photos, but I was reminded of the exhilarating, intoxicating adoration we felt when we finally were able to hold our Carter for the first time. Thanks for that reminder. I’m hugging him a little tighter tonight. (Sorry so long!)

  5. oh, tara!
    you have us in a puddle of tears over here.
    what a pleasant surprise to read this on a friday night…it so add a deliciousness to our weekend…thank you.

    you are such a gift to our family…and i will never forget the magic of this day.

    and thank you everyone for your kind, juicy, loving words.
    i heart blog friends.

  6. Wow…what an adorable baby!! I love the photos! You did a great job of matching them with her style.

    And I’m so happy that you have the “check it” back!! I love those glasses!!

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