finally…all is calm, sort of.


christmas came and went once again, and even after all of my grumbling, i did manage to enjoy it. how could i not with faces like this surrounding me?


yes that is a pink beach cruiser under the tree. i knew jeff had something up his sleeve (even after both of us saying no gifts for each other) and when i came downstairs and saw it there it was such a surprise and so magical that i started to cry.


i’ve wanted a cruiser to replace the one i had in childhood (pink with a flowery banana seat) and again in college (green) for several years but it was totally under the radar and not on the top of any of my must have now lists. even with all my sluething i had no idea, so i really felt that christmas morning magic, right from the get go.


you might notice my house looking different-we’ve rearranged and plan to do more changes in the beginning of the new year. here they are opening stockings.


ah the pretty lights and the fake inflatable tongue to tease dad with….


and perhaps my favorite part of it all-after everything is opened, everyone settles in to enjoy their new things. drew and mckenna, adding music to his new ipod nano.

today we are packing up to leave for hawaii, won’t be updating here again until mid january! until then,

aloha friends….

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  1. All of your pictures were great (and I’m totally lusting after your new bike) but that last picture of your son and daughter almost killed me. That is the sweetest, most touching picture of a brother and sister I’ve ever seen. Have a great time in Hawaii (I’m lusting after that as well…).

  2. Oh my dogness, a beach cruiser!!!! I had me one of those as a child as well. Mine was blue….with a white seat. I used to ride it from to Huntington/Newport beach along the aquaduct bike trail. *sigh* Sooooo jealous. :)

  3. OMG I love your new bike!!! I can’t wait to see pictures of you riding it ;) I’m doing some redecorating in the new year as well–at least that’s my plan. That was, of course, my plan last year as well, so we’ll see ;P Have fun in Hawaii!

  4. LOVE all the pics! So cute! Enjoy Hawaii!!!!! We just got back a few weeks ago. The kids are at the PERFECT age to LOVE every second…be sure to go to the North Shore too, the waves are Out of CONTROL this time of year!!!!

  5. hello Tara,

    I’m always here but almost never leave comments, maybe ’cause I am so far way… but internet is not about that, right?!
    So here I go…
    I just wanted to thank you for so much inspiration about life and congratulate you on the wonderful family you have.
    your strenth, determination and above all love is truly healing.
    have a brighter, lighter, lovier 2009.
    may the energy of the sun shine above you all this year.

    val ayres

  6. I love how each of the kids has their new robe on. I told papa Jamie we need to make robes a traditional XMAS present.

    Hope you guys have a safe and wonderful new year.

  7. Tara, awesome and amazing as always. Love the new bike! I have to ask, what size are the pictures on the wall above the couch? i LOVE that layout, and was thinking of trying something similar in my living room, when i re-do it here soon….

  8. I was just wondering where you got your pictures on your livingroom wall printed? And are they in those clear glass frames with the little metal hook/binder things? (where did you get the square ones?)


  9. Enjoy your escape in Hawaii! We just returned 2 weeks ago from wet Kauai—enjoyed the warmth with a few days of sun and a lot with rain! Hope your vacation is sparkling!! p.s sweet Christmas pics & the photo with your bike & the tree is just fabulous! What a fun surprise!

    She mentioned in her OPAM post from May ’08 (the “before” pics of the photo wall) that they were from IKEA measuring 19 3/4 x 19 3/4. Also, she got the pictures printed from her pro lab, “Color Inc.” at 20×20 and trimmed them to fit.

  11. I loove the Christmas craziness photos! Sounds silly.. but I can’t wait for that with my two new ones. I haven’t visited your blog in a bit (having babies will do that) but your guys are getting SO big. Beautiful family. xo

  12. just love your blog. lots of quirky angle ideas and different ways of looking thru the view finder.

    I lurk here often. I have nominated your blog on mine for a blog award. well 2 acutally. pls visit to save the award pics to pop onto yours.

    have a fantastic new year.

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