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bonnie berry, a photographer in austin, tx hired me to photograph herself with her two striking boys while in california visiting family and friends.

bonnie and i hit it off really well. i was so impressed with how she took her “photographer’s hat” off with grace and trust and allowed me to lead the way. i loved every minute. we strapped the boys carseats into my car and drove off to find some spots to use in my old stomping ground, downtown riverside. battling direct sun and a sticky heat at 11am in the morning. but we made it work! (a quick chocolate shake treat helped perk us all up sometime in the middle!)


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  1. Wowza! I love that photo of the baby in the cute hat. Love it! Amazing work as always. — And I just have to say that I adore the photo of Drew with the chipped tooth. He kinda pulls off “gangsta” but in a delightful way. :) Only you could find a dentist that gives out cupcakes–you amazing blessed soul! When you start the summer off with such a bang, the rest should be uneventful, right? Just full of fun!

  2. eeeewwww…direct sunlight. I am terrified of shooting in direct sunlight! it looks like you stayed out of the sun…did you just look for great buildings with shade?

    and hats with ears are the best…I wish I could get away with wearing them as an adult. :)

  3. Seattle area photographer- I stumbled across your blog when looking for some fresh new ideas for this summer. You were marked as “inspiration” on someone else’s blog. I LOVE you style. Everything is clean and fresh! I was wondering if you used any PS actions or techniques to get the eyes so clear and bright in this post or are those natural catch-lights????


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