OPAM: may ’08 (photo wall in living room)

okay for all of you following along with me, today is the day to post your before picture on your blog. if you dont have a blog, take a before picture and put it somewhere you can see it a lot. for motivation. for those with a blog, you can then post a link in the comments here if you want!

here are my before pictures:


the first one was taken obviously before the frames were even up. see them in the bottom right?

and the second was taken the night the frames were hung by my amazing brother in law jason. he did it for me since neither i nor jeff have the know how for such things like perfectly level photo frames in a perfectly spaced grid. or the laser level that jason has. or the patience. we just hand it all over to him with a smile and hope that our company and jokes are worth it.

since then, i have filled the frames with two photos. my project this month will be to finish the rest.


frames are from ikea
they are 19 3/4 X 19 3/4
i have my photos printed at my pro lab

idea to buy and hang these frames came from the lovely erin vey, a hugely talented doggie photographer in the pacific northwest.

now, go forth and OPAM!

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  1. Hi Tara,
    Your wall is going to be awesome. Coincidentally I finished a photo wall, or walls actually in our kitchen just recently. They are all photos from our shoot with you last summer. I will have to take pictures soon and email you. I have your photos here and there throughout the house. I’ve received so many compliments (or YOU have received so many comments I should say!) I think if you ever did a travel session to Houston, you’d have no problem booking clients! Love your new site!

  2. I just went to Ikea and bought these very same frames (just different dimensions) becasue I was inspired to fill the big blank wall in our master bedroom by your first OPAM closet post! I’m using a pic I took while at our ranch in SD over the summer….it’s the most spectasular veiw of the Missouri RIver. I’ll take an after pic as soon as I get the photos hung.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Tara!

  3. Hey Tara! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend! I can’t believe tomorrow’s already Monday…the weekend just flew by…Anyway, here’s my completed OPAM for May: http://kimboyajian.blogspot.com/

    Can’t wait to see how your wall of pics turns out!

    I did a collage of various pictures/frames as you walk up our stairs…Will have to share that in a post some time! It’s probably the favorite part of my house!

    Hugs! :)

  4. Tara once I searched Ikea’s website for ‘clips’ instead of ‘picture frames’ I found them (re: recent post asking you about the UPS code):) Last weekend I did a super quick project,something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I pleased with how it turned out. Pictures aren’t that great,but you get the idea. Thanks for the OPAM encouragment. We’ve lived in our house 1 yr and I haven’t had time or motivation to do very much. I do have alot I want to accomplish so I’m using your OPAM push to get things done around here. My daughters room is the only thing that has been ‘done’ for a while :)

  5. ive not been able to check all the links out-but will get to it today i hope! :)
    cant wait to see everyone at the end of the month. wonder how many of us will follow through!

  6. Hi Tara,

    Just came upon your blog – beautiful work. Love the idea for OPAM – I’m always looking for new ways to motivate myself to conquer new projects and especially to get files off the computer and onto the wall (for myself and not always just for clients!).


  7. I did it! I completed my project of the month [two if you count the light!]My project was a giant wall-art hanging for my dining area – and I love it. Brings me a little happiness each time I walk by or see it reflected in the mirrors in the room. TFL – J

  8. I ended up posting my before and after pictures in one post because I was in the mood to do it so I just did it yesterday. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation! (Click on my blog link to see my project – I can’t copy and paste here for some reason – go to the post called seriously? – Thanks again!

  9. I love your idea of the wall of frames – especially because I know you will have beautiful photographs to grace the frames. You are so talented. I found my way to your site from Kelly McCaleb’s blog. I love her creativity and often wish I was her! She is a super talented woman too! Anyway – I am commenting on your blog because my husband and I are both creative souls re-modeling a 1930’s house. I thought you might like the before and after shots of rooms we have done. My husband is an architect and gets to use his creativity regularly. I am a science professor yet my hobbies are quilting, crafting, and baking. I wouldn’t work if I didn’t have to and I would LOVE to be a professional home-maker, but haven’t found a way to make that happen yet. I am always inspired by women that have and want to learn from you. I emailed Kelly and told her this a while back. It is definately in my five year plan to do something with my artistic side as my next job – I am a good learning if you guys are willing to share your sucess secrets!!

  10. What a small world it is! I am friends with Erin Vey up here in the Northwest, but I found your website thru Kelly McCaleb in Utah.

    I love this idea of how to post pictures on the wall. Kelly took a lot of amazing pics of my son, now I have an idea of how to hang them!

  11. First of all this looks awesome you are super talented!!!! Your my inspiration and are a big reason of why I’m a photographer now quick question what is the name of those frames its exactly what I want for my photo wall but cant seem to find them in the store anymore

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