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since putting our loft in last summer, i have been slowly getting stuff together in my office space. this weekend, i finished it all up and took some pictures.this is what you see as you walk up the stairs:Img_3975my expedit bookshelf, probably the coolest thing ikea has ever made:Img_3976the view if you are sitting at the computer, or standing with your back to the expedit:Img_3977“dont put off your happy life” is illustrated by linzie hunter. her website is here.she has done a whole series of illustrations based on spam emails she has received.another favorite of mine is this one.some pretty little things ive collected:Img_3980polka dot suitcase from land of nodcupcakes from i cant remember-they hold from ebaymy work station:Img_3981printer: HP Photosmart Pro B9180silver bucket things: ikeaclipboards: melissa franciswire thing: online purchase from too long ago to remembera little friend in the window:Img_3988birdie from: once upon a designi love him-if he was a real bird that would be a different story. but fake, and vinyl-i can handle lifeline:Img_3989with album covers from my itunes playlist as a screen savera favorite shelf:Img_3993jars: ikeapeople: gemmielouand another:Img_3994jars: home goods and old pickle jarstamps: decoleand my inspiration door. an old door picked up at an architectural salvage place in LA:Img_3996i put anything i want up there-cards from people that love me, thank you notes from clients, magazine ads that inspire me with cool poses or ideas, things to do, things to think.and now that this room is clean and organized i officially have jeff off my back.dust off my hands and call ‘er done.

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  1. I love your little dolls. I could tell who was who. Anna with her striped shirt. Too cute! Oh and thanks for sharing the link to your friends art. Knowing that she got those sayings from spam, makes them even funnier. I love the idea. BTW, I love your work!

  2. Love your room, I’m so jealous. I’ve recently moved up to the attic “room” in our rental. The electrics are so bad I have to ration what I use…sewing machine, computer and no heating, iron and light and nothing else, heater and light etc…it sucks! Oh for a lovely room like yours. Although I’d need a door to shut out the mess I make :)

  3. Love your space! Make me jealous enough to motivate me to clean out my “shop” that was a Christmas/anniversary gift a couple of years ago. It has never been organized but more of a catch all. All my pictures and scrapbook stuff is out there, but just piled up. Got to work on that this summer. Thanks for sharing!

  4. OMG!!!! I love your space, I am so jealous. Just seeing it inspires me to create. I haven’t seen anything you have created in a longggg time. I am going through withdrawls for TW scrappies. I just want you to know that you are one of reasons that I started scrapping and creating, I was so inspired by your style, the imperfect-heartfelt randomness of it. You go girl, create away!

    Love your style

  5. Tara,
    How do I contact you? I would like to find out about setting up a photo session with you. Please email or call 323-365-5595 when you can.

  6. Tara, I absolutely love this. So inspiring and simple and FUN! I love all the quirky things you have, it really adds personality. I have a question about your old door. How do you add things to it? Tape? Tacks? I have something similar I would love to hang on my wall, but have been wondering the best way to attach anything to it. Also, would you mind to share what are in your baskets? I love seeing how people organize their stuff. Thanks in advance, I know you are a busy lady!!

  7. Tara~

    I love the song in the video you posted a link to- then it got me thinking how I would love to see your itunes playlist, then I scroll to this post and I see that you have a picture of your itunes covers on your monitor.

    So, my question in a strange round about way is… you have a list of the songs you have on your ipod? I would love to see it and browse through them all- your taste in music- seems to suit me well.


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