now with more twitter!

because of this lady over here, i am now signed up for a twitter account. she says jump, i ask how high, m’lady?

feel free to follow me, or not, if you are like “twitter? whatever.” i was like that too until yesterday at 4pm when i got an email telling me to join. and like i said. i do as she says.

you can see what im up to or what my current thoughts happen to be on the sidebar at the bottom. i assure you, they will be boring sometimes. and also dont forget, check it is still down there too.

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  1. oh my gosh…….i am DYING laughing. this last comment came through and i was like, what the heck is she talking about? came over here, checked the link-i linked to an etsy shop i was checking out at the same time as posting this.

    sigh……okay-not everything is fixed and i’ve had a very very good chuckle at my own expense.

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