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my gorgeous friends in hawaii who really feel more like family. heather, kivalu, valu, and keenan. and we cant forget te’a, their four legged sister. last year we did a session at their local beach. which got keenan on the cover of simple scrapbooks magazine. this year we hung around the house and went to the temple grounds that are just up the street.

after those rolling down the hill pictures, heather and kivalu could barely eat dinner they felt so sick! (wimps.)

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  1. Hey…’s us! Thank-you for using your photo super-powers on our little family. You never cease to amaze. And (deep sigh) I am resigning to the fact that I have turned into one of those rumblie tumblie wimps. I blame it on the jarring shark cage that we tumbled about in–24 hrs before these photos were taken, mind you. My belly has not been the same since. Just today I walked in my laundry room while the spin cycle was going–the floor slightly jiggled beneath me and my belly started to do flip-flops. (And no, I am not referencing a Seinfeld episode :) ) Good thing that shark experience was uber cool, eh?
    And you and your family definitely have a deeply rooted place in our ‘ohana. I adore you, girlie!

  2. what a small, small world. i was on hukilau beach boogie boarding with my son and this mom and her cute son walked by with an awesome mohawk. i said hi. they came back around and she asked if i was jonathan canlas as she saw i commented on this post before. lo and behold, it is the mom and son in these photos. oh the power of a blog.

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