the goswick girls

these beautiful women live on a working ranch, and on a college tour of california, stopped off in newport beach to meet me.mothers and daughters are so inspiring for me to work with, probably because of the amazing relationship i have with my own mom. it really does seem like only a week ago that i was 16 years old and she was still trying to cuddle me on her lap…these girls were super fun to work with, loved my ideas, (or pretended to) and most importantly, loved each other very much. it was plain to see.Goswick061Goswick008Goswick017Goswick005Goswick023as this guy came into my peripheral vision as i was shooting her in this spot, i thought-keep on coming, keep on coming…i LOVE capturing surfers in the background at the beach.Goswick055Goswick032Goswick060Goswick079bikini shopping:Goswick081Goswick088Goswick099Goswick113

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  1. I am a lerker stopping to comment on your beautiful work. I was given your blog by a friend who loves your site. I am very much enjoying your postings! Your photography work is great and inspires me.

  2. Wow, those girls are all kinds of gorgeous! I love random surfers in shots too…we got one at my cousin’s wedding in HB. So great and captures the essence of beach life. LOVE IT.

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