canadian belly

so last year michelle got in touch with me and wanted to fly down to southern cali for a trip with her husband. we had everything planned…until she went and got herself knocked up!

sooo they decided to hold off and come down once the babe had percolated a little bit…we met up at crystal cove state beach and had so much fun that even once the sun went down we grabbed appetizers and drinks at the restaurant down there. and we got to use michelle’s fragile condition as an excuse not to hike back up the hill and use the shuttle instead. some guy said “i just hate having to use my body.” as we got on. made me laugh. and i think the shuttle driver liked me a little bit too much…he says he remembers everyone who rides, so next time ill have to test him.

but anyway…the tunnel at crystal cove was “flooded” or so the signs said. we just rolled up our jeans and went in anyway.


i looove this one! she had a couple tattoos, you can see them on her belly here and there.

they had so much energy and loved to play. arent they just so CUTE?


best hair ever award, and i just adore the shape of her tummy.




i take no responsibility for the creation of this leaf. they said canadians would understand….

james i hope rowan has more hair then you do!

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  1. I just visited LA and made my hubby drive me to Crystal Cove so i could take pictures there, because of this post! Out of curiousity, what time of day do you usually shoot there? I was sad that the light at the “beautiful” end of the tunnel was too harsh for my kiddos faces. I love the family pics you have done there.

    I fell in love with Crystal Cove…i want to live in one of the cottages there!

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