sneak peek for finley’s

mommy, alexis.

i woke up the morning of this session and this idea was forming in my head.


and i love these two shots i got out of her.



and ive always loved the whole family in bed with the newborn shot. you spend so much time in bed with a new baby…


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  1. O.M.G.

    These pictures… I remember the pregnancy photos… LOVED THEM!

    This shoot is the icing on the cake! What a dreamy baby. LOVE her!

    We’ve 5 children, and if you asked me a year ago I would have told you that I could not possibly fathom having to entertain the thought of another baby. Hard to admit that, but SO true. Right now this very minute? I can’t fathom having the time or patience to responsibly care for a baby. BUT, that does not dismiss the fact that I love them. OH MY GOD. I *heart* babies. I cannot be in the presence of a newborn, crying, and not cry myself. Or wonder, is there something I could do to help settle the baby? Should I offer? All that said, I find comfort in knowing that I will, inevitably with 5 children, will be a grandma. And you know what? I’m going to be one hell of a grandma. You will love me.

  2. I can’t believe how moving these pictures are. They TOTALLY bring back the memories of those first days with the tiny new person in your life. I’ve never felt that so strongly from a photo. Tearing up here. Almost make me want another little one, but the three I’ve got will have to do.

  3. Tara… you inspire me so much… i don’t even know how i found you…through another blog i’m sure… I check your site daily! So great! The Chalk… can’t stop talking about it! I am just beginning to do more photo work…as i said yours so inspires me! It is so unique, fresh and bright! You capture priecless photos! Continually checking out your new stuff! LOVE the NYC ones!

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