one of my favorite sessions this year, mainly because it took place on a sailboat and i havent been on a sailboat since i was a little girl. my dad used to sail to catalina with us on weekends. i was little, under the age of two and three i think. i remember being in yellow footy pajamas and a life vest…

so this was really fun for me.











happy monday! i am going to be working with my cocoa daisy kit today after anna’s dance class this morning. so look for layouts tonight or tomorrow morning!

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  1. “if the wind is right you can sail away, find tranquility”.

    love these pics. i love all the diverse places you are finding. is there a sailing magazine? i think they would love these for their cover.

    i also love that you went sailing in yellow-footed pjs and a life vest. any pics of that?

  2. definitely my new favorites of yours. as i was looking at them my mouth was hanging open in awe of how beautiful they were. what a great idea and change to go on a sailboat. great shots tara! you always amaze me with how fresh and different your photos are. thanks for sharing!!

  3. Wow! What a gorgeous family and what gorgeous pictures. Something about the combination of the family plus photographer has made this my favorite shoot you’ve done!

  4. Tara – as a professional photographer in Richland, Wa – I am inspired by your photography! I LOVE the style of your photographs. What do you shoot with? What lens gives you that awesome shallow depth of field? Do you up the saturation on your images? Thank you so much for sharing your work with all of us.

  5. These are so cool with all the white. :) I can’t believe you used to sial all the way to Catalina! When we went on the express boat, I was overcome with nausea. :) So jealous that you have the option of weekday morning dance class. That would be helpful here!

  6. Hola Tara,
    Escribo directo de Brasil pare te decis que su trabajo es maravillsoso…
    La buena energia y felicidad que las imagenens me transmite ya me dice algo sobre ti, sobre como es y como se relacciona con la fotografia.
    Bonita Musica del site tambíen.
    André Bueno

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