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  1. I LOVE the “I’ve been a bad girl” tank! Too funny! And the “Big Belly Deli”… super cute! I live on Breakwater St…. I can’t wait till I get my belly shots done! You know the street sign will be in some shots!

    Best wishes to your friend Alexis! We all know it’s worth the wait!!!

  2. Tara… I just read your ‘about me’ on your webpage under details. It’s the first thing I’ve read on your page (haven’t even looked at your blog yet), but I had to come & make a comment b/c it’s the easiest way I could think of to say something to you. I love you already! (don’t take that as stalker-ish ;) I just love what you say in that part of your website. I think you’re awesome & I haven’t even finished looking at everything on your site!

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