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  1. Oh I miss Seattle!
    Makes me want to hop on a plane right now and go visit my brother and family!
    I have enjoyed seeing one of my favorite cities through your lense.
    Thanks for sharring… can’t wait to see more.
    The Seattle Center is such a fun place… I got some really cool shots of my kiddos and their cousins playing in the International fountain. Nice place to cool off when it gets hot in Seattle.

  2. Hey there Tara… (i say that like i know you. I am just a quiet admirer or yours but today, when my mom sent me a funny video, I thought of all my mom friends, and I thought of you… I just thought you might get a kick out of this the same way I did. Enjoy!

    And if you have seen it already, enjoy again? You can use link or just visit my blog (oh my gracious, the thought of TARA going to my blog…. I’m not worthy!)



  3. I think they are great! But after proofing some of my own tonight, thinking they looked great color wise, after posting them they looked like poo, color wise of course :)

    Great perspective…LOVE LOVE the question mark! Oh how I miss Seattle…home away from home.

  4. Tara, LOVE the Seattle pictures. We were there in June and I tried to take a picture of the space needle and my kids. I was practically laying on the ground. Will you please share what lens you were using and about how far were you away?

    Thanks ~ Teresa

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